Our Services

Providing business consulting and marketing strategies to make the most of your business opportunity
Business Analysis

Digital IQ’s strength is in marketing strategy and execution of that strategy. As a marketing strategist, we identify gaps in a product offering, find pockets of revenue opportunity that doesn’t erode the focus on the core product offering. Opportunity Identification is one thing, but without a plan to take advantage of that opportunity the idea will remain just that. Digital IQ will provide a strategy to attack that opportunity and can even provide deeper tactical support, getting down to the individual elements of the marketing and sales effort required to generate revenue for the opportunity

Site Audit and Opportunity

Digital IQ can review your business thoroughly and provide advice on areas of opportunity and gaps in your customer experience on site. In a larger sense, Digital IQ can:

Marketing & Communications

An idea needs customers to succeed.A brilliant product means nothing if nobody knows it exists. Digital IQ creates marketing and communications strategies and plans so that your message reaches the right buyers. Marketing needs to answer the following questions:

All of these outlets need to deliver the same message, the same way with accuracy and consistency to make sure you are getting the most return for your investment in growth. With a website, you have the opportunity to craft the copy to ensure that the information looks exactly the way you want it and then it is a matter of training staff to learn and use only that information when dealing with customers. There are many elements that make up marketing and communications. These include:

In executing a marketing and communications plan all of these things need to be factored in. There is no use running a promotion without a correct phone number, the relevant information on site and on your Facebook page or enough staff to handle enquiries. A marketing and communications plan from Digital IQ will take the guess work and points of failure out so that one single lead is never lost.

Marketing Mix Execution

Digital IQ has a network of tried and tested freelances that will lend their specialist skills to your campaign. We deliver:

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing (Google and Social) and Promotional campaigns that use different elements in a synchronised way.

Website Development and Execution

The website is the most critical element of marketing your product. A large portion of potential customers are searching online for information rather than calling or visiting physical locations. With many people researching from the fence, a website needs to provide everything somebody needs to make a decision at the exact moment they are engaged with your product. If they click away from your site that may be a sale you’ve lost forever.

Digital IQ will capture your business requirements to ensure that it is easy to get a customer from looking to buying and then create wireframes and design concepts for your site that makes it as easy as possible for customers. Digital IQ will look at your content structure and map the clearest path to a positive outcome and then build the site to achieve that. Digital IQ has access to a team of resources to provide:

Project Management

Digital IQ can project manage the execution of your online projects. Managing the resources required to deliver online projects on time, dealing with the small tasks that you are too busy to handle within a project. Digital IQ can be your outsourced extra set of hands at a reasonable hourly rate. Find out how Digital IQ can help with your business issue